Hero Business Club 07 June 2018

Presenting Oliver Bevan of Educ8 at Uncommon Ground Coffee 1st Floor from 10am in Cardiff Royal Arcade.

Oliver Bevan Educ8
Oliver Bevan Educ8

Offering comprehensive range of funded training programmes allows businesses to benefit from high quality training at absolutely no cost.

Also supporting businesses with staff recruitment and retention; by taking advantage of employability schemes you could cut thousands of pounds off your salary bills every year.

Free Tickets

At our events everyone is very friendly, approachable and they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, events that are memorable and profitable to every member.


Anyone running a business will often ask the question; “Could we be doing better? More specifically you may ask:

  • Am I getting enough of the right kind of customers?
  • Is my marketing effective and giving me enough return on investment?
  • Where will I be in a year, 2 years, 5 years?
  • Am I using my time effectively?
  • How would I like to leave this business?
  • How do I increase revenue and value without substantial investment?

Frequently there is little time to think about these or other similar question before the day to day tasks intervene.
By getting to know your business and crafting a bespoke plan to grow and develop your business. We can work together to increase the number of customers and their value to the business, control costs and profit margins, correctly position the business in the market, systemise the business allowing owners to work on not in the business and plan an exit strategy to ensure optimal capitalisation of the business.


From FREE get your tickets here

Agenda is as follows:

  • 10.00am hrs – 10.20am hrs – Welcome and Networking
  • 10.25am – 10.35am hrs – Introductions
  • 10.35am – 11.00am hrs – Keynote Speaker
  • 11.05am – 11.35am hrs – Coffee and Further Networking
  • 11.35am – until last man standing

Below it can be watched a selection of our speakers presentations at previous events.



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