1 Upcoming Event Cardiff Business Network Open Coffee

Inspiring Event

Hero Business Club presents

On 28th July 2016 10am-12pm at Artigiano Cardiff , tickets here great inspiring speaker

Our keynote speaker is Jane Oriel

Jane Oriel Cardiff Open Coffee
Jane Oriel Cardiff Open Coffee
Jane Oriel’s Talk “MY LIFE IN GRIME – when I’ll talk about how art can shape lives in disadvantaged areas. ‪#‎CardiffOpenCoffee.

After going on for 20 years spent in and around the arts, I’ve learnt a lot about the kinds of help professional creatives need from working with musicians, artists, studios, theatrical people and a fine art magazine, helping them get to where they want to go.

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Jane provides admin and practical support for Innovators, Tech companies, individuals and small businesses in the same way as a regular Personal Assistant except I work Virtually, from my own desk in Caerphilly. My background is music and the arts, but this year, she has been working with a UX Testing Suite, a Graphic Design Studio and an International TV company

From event management to promoting and supporting artists, to running online media operations behind the scenes, she has supported and instigated a ridiculous number of projects and have proved myself to be an awesome team player – with a bunch of kick-ass testimonials to prove it.

Newport Grime at Cardiff Open Coffee
Newport Grime at Cardiff Open Coffee

Our Hero Business Club Members range from Entrepreneurs, Artists, Business Mentors, and People Looking for New Career Opportunities. At our events everyone is very friendly, approachable and they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.
Inspiring Events Promoting Education, Networking and Motivational Speakers With a Purpose.

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Agenda is as follows:

  • 10.00am hrs – 10.20am hrs – Welcome and Networking
  • 10.25am – 10.35am hrs – Introductions
  • 10.35am – 11.00am hrs – Keynote Speaker
  • 11.05am – 11.35am hrs – Floor Networking
  • 11.35am – until last man standing – Free Pastries

Our previous event speaker videos from 9th June 2016 and 14th July 2016 can be watched below:



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