Berlin 2018 Venture Capital World Summit

Entrepreneurs and Business converging in Berlin 25 Sept 2018

Venture Capital World Summit is a World Series of international events that showcase the best that communities have to offer in terms of entrepreneurship and the investment industry.

These events, brings investors, experts and scale-ups presenting Series A investments opportunities to scale globally.

Presenting participants are pre-selected to ensure the best possible experience for all delegates, organized in a way similarly to “Oscars for business”. It then follows that includes many opportunities to network, discuss, analyse and learn from trends and Venture Capital current sustainable topics.

Tickets available here for World Series.

Discussion Panel Venture Capital World Summit
Discussion Panel Venture Capital World Summit

The World Series are independently run, with no single large sponsor with vested interests, as it aims to be as inclusive as possible for everyone in the business international community.

Every event is quality-driven, with a focus on influential, forward-thinking investors and proven start-ups. We only work with businesses that have data and credibility, generally looking to get second round funding. On average, each event hosts thirty investors from the region the event is being held in, with an emphasis on quality interactions rather than quantity. The start-ups and businesses in attendance can perform presentations or pitches, as well as participating at discussion panels, and showcase their branding.

By providing a tailored networking experience, and allowing for focused discussions, the businesses at our events have detailed investment goals and returns, as a result is a meeting point and opportunity to present their potential. We know that relationships continue beyond our events, and that the contacts that are made can lead to further continued growth.

Our events rely on the opportunity to build meaningful connections and business relationships, whereby entrepreneurs and investors continue to work together after the event is complete. This presents quality on offer, not quantity, and we want to provide entrepreneurs and investors with the opportunity to forge relationships and finance deals that will last years.

The time and space offered to attendees is certainly a unique selling point.
Each City has their own individual investment landscape, economy and politics, and this needs to be understood by everyone in the venture capital community. Regulations and laws differ, and scale-ups need to be aware of the impact their foreign investments can have. We believe that our service can offer this understanding, alongside the high-quality networking and discussion forum we have already established a reputation for.

Tickets available here for the World Series.

Venture Capital World Summit
Venture Capital World Summit

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