Startup Europe Week Cardiff 2018

Cardiff Startup Europe Week

With over 50+ Countries participating, tickets here

Startup Europe Week is the largest multi-event of its kind for startups in Europe and the third edition will be held from 5 until 9 March 2018. Its goal is to inform entrepreneurs of the support and resources available at a city and regional level.

Regional diversity and local policy making still play a big role in shaping European startups, from helping entrepreneurs to incorporate a company, to providing grants or taxes breaks. For this reason, taking a local perspective is crucial to supporting entrepreneurs and startups in Europe.

At this event you can expect to see:

  •  Showcase on best initiatives promoted by regions to support entrepreneurs.
  •  Information about the local ecosystem about what already exists to help them now.
  •  Receive live consulting sessions on how to open a company, apply for a grant etc.
  •  Share among regional officers what other regions in Europe are doing and what can be leveraged locally.
  •  Connect with regional officers, investors and corporates to create stronger local ecosystems.

The Cardiff event is on the 5th March 2018 starting 11.00am until 3.00pm at Indycube St Mary Street on 5-7, 4th Floor. Tickets are fee but attendees are required to register here.

Startup Europe Week 2018 Cardiff
Startup Europe Week 2018 Cardiff



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