Brussels Venture Capital World Summit 2017

Announcing Country Program Opportunity

Venture Capital World Summit Series 2017 Starts 22nd June in Brussels

This is an opportunity to meet dynamic pre-selected companies with high growth potential, senior public Sector Representatives, Fund Managers, Family Offices Representatives, Investment Managers, and VIPs from across the world.

Venture Capital World Summit
Venture Capital World Summit

Attendees will be able to learn, debate, invest, and connect with leaders on the future challenges facing Venture Capital and Private Equity in dynamic Markets.

The event will present not only companies on Seed opportunities, but also Series A and B companies and their respective High Net Worth Individuals Entrepreneurs, which have been pre-selected following initial competitions which have run prior in their originating Countries, following extensive due diligence and innovation.

On the 22nd June Series 2017 starts in Brussels at the Stanhope Hotel, which is a luxury 5 star Boutique Hotel, tickets are available here.

On the 20th October 2017 at the Cardiff City Stadium, tickets are available here. London and Silicon Valley venues will be announced shortly.

Venture Capital World Summit
Venture Capital World Summit

The benefits of attending our events include a delegate use of our own private app, which allows delegates to make appointments, meetings, and network even after the event date.

Our Country Program showcase package includes:

  • Exhibition opportunity for 5 of your countries top start-ups/scale-ups as part of the countries exhibition area (focusing on FinTech startups).
  • Attendee tickets: 2 per company, 4 per sponsor organisation.
  • Silver level branding for sponsoring country.
  • Mention & description in the program (incl. companies).
  • Introductions to investors & VCWS network of VIPs.

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