Cardiff Open Coffee 25th August 2016 Networking Event

Inspiring Event

Hero Business Club presents

On 25th August 2016 10am-12pm at Artigiano Cardiff , tickets here

Our keynote speaker is Noleen Mariappen

Noleen Mariappen Cardiff Business Open Coffee
Noleen Mariappen Cardiff Business Open Coffee
Our Speaker is an Entrepreneur, Trainer & Coach. Author, Speaker & Philanthropist. Committed to making a positive difference!. ‪#‎CardiffOpenCoffee.

Noleen will conduct a talk entitled: “Overcoming the Odds in Business, & Doing so on a Budget“.

Noleen is driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference- as far and wide as possible, both personally and professionally. Having spent years in the areas of program, project and operations management, more specifically managing and coordinating complex, cross-functional, £multi-mil projects, my focus expanded toward supporting development in a more directed way.

Noleen Mariappen Cardiff Business Open Coffee
Noleen Mariappen Cardiff Business Open Coffee

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She continues to learn from the best in their fields, making a difference by helping businesses strategise, adapt, streamline, brand & expand, and supporting individuals and businesses to acknowledge and reach their full potential.

She is also passionate about personal and business success, consult with a select few businesses & individuals annually, have my own online business portfolio, dabble in the entertainment industry, and am a partner and shareholder in a number of business ventures. Assisting startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses on a pro bono basis annually, so get in touch if you’d like to be one of these.

Her philanthropic interests are of exceptional importance to her… Among her projects or are:
Powerhouse of Women Worldwide (POWW) – a global collaboration of women working toward meaningful positive local and global change, within a framework of support.
Future Creators- a project that links into POWW and focuses on global participation and incentivised problem-solving.

Our Hero Business Club Members range from Entrepreneurs, Artists, Business Mentors, and People Looking for New Career Opportunities. At our events everyone is very friendly, approachable and they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.
Inspiring Events Promoting Education, Networking and Motivational Speakers With a Purpose.

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Agenda is as follows:

  • 10.00am hrs – 10.20am hrs – Welcome and Networking
  • 10.25am – 10.35am hrs – Introductions
  • 10.35am – 11.00am hrs – Keynote Speaker
  • 11.05am – 11.35am hrs – Floor Networking
  • 11.35am – until last man standing – Free Pastries

Our previous event speaker videos from 9th June 2016 and 14th July 2016 can be watched below:

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