About Elio Assuncao

Elio has an exquisite vision of life and continuous development focused on quality as a driven entrepreneur

Combined a multitude of science tech and academia background. With over 20+ years experience in Technology Analysis and Artificial Intelligence

Passionate about Innovation with an Open Mind to What is Next, and a reputation for knowledge, and where others look for inspiration and ideas. Pioneer in creating its own vast online international network of key global players, which has enabled the vision to the Venture Capital World Summit as encouraged by people. Having been organizing events and conferences since 2012 and thus helped many businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and grow both local, national and in international markets.

With a background in analyzing, designing, deploying technology. Combined with strong project management, business-focus and resource management delineations in contexts of market awareness and service expectations. An effective self-managed team worker, combined with technical, and supervisory skills.

Now running the Venture Capital World Summit, World Series Seasons of Investment Conferences. Helping Connect the World, Educate, Facilitate unique opportunities and reward the investment and entrepreneurial community. Incorporating a Global community for investors and investees.

Here to help businesses gain more capital and expertise as they need to scale up at different stages of funding and growth with the support if required from our trusted network. Now encompassing over 30 conferences a year. The Venture Capital World Summit is also raising its own sector agnostic debut investment fund, with a target of $400M.

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