Christmas Party at Startup Grind Cardiff 5 December

Presenting a Wonderful Singing Coach

We are delighted to invite you to celebrate Christmas with us, with the wonderful Angela Durrant for a Fireside Chat. Angela has been a singing teacher and professional voice coach for over 8 years, working with over 600 voices individually, come learn more about her story Book Now .

Our attendees always enjoy attending an evening of Education, Inspiration and Networking.

Angela has been featured on BBC Radio Wales and ITN working with and commenting on changing and softening regional accents and developing a better speaking voice for business and life.

Angela Durrant at Startup Grind Cardiff
Angela Durrant at Startup Grind Cardiff

Angela has been a singing teacher and professional voice coach for over 8 years, working with over 600 voices individually. Angels works with singers and speakers from outright beginners to Advanced Pro’s to transform their voices, change and create new styles, plan their vocal journey and unblock and unlock every ounce of vocal and performing potential in you lovely people!

Angela began working with business folk over the last few years after creating a success vocal coaching practice in Cardiff. Managers, speakers, solo business people and organisations came to her wanting her fresh perspective on speaking in public, presenting yourself in the market place and getting out there with your business and being more authentically visible. She founded Talk Skills with her business partner Gavin Hill-John and their mission is to help people see how their personal impact, core message business story are the key drivers that influence culture, sales, teamwork, business growth and the confidence to take your own unique stand in the marketplace.

Startup Grind Cardiff are Quality events for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs. We are present in over 110 Countries, in over 350 cities, the largest in the world. We are sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. We host monthly meetups to Educate, Inspire and Connect Entrepreneurs. Help others first is one of our core values. Our events always have a nominal fee as our delegates receive such great value, introductions, exposure and many opportunities.

As always our event local partners are Venture Capital World Summit Ltd and YODspica Ltd.

Agenda 5th December 6.00pm-9.00pm:

  • 6.00 pm Making Friends and Helping Others
  • 7:00 pm Firechat Speaker
  • 9:00 pm Close

Tickets available here Book Now

Startup Grind Cardiff Quotes
Startup Grind Cardiff Quotes


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