Artificial Intelligence Cardiff Tech Event

South Wales Technology Council presents free event

Designed for startup founders interested in Artificial Intelligence

26th September 2017 2pm, Meeting and Networking with Technology Experts

Artificial Intelligence Tech Analysis by South Wales Technology Council
Artificial Intelligence Tech Analysis by South Wales Technology Council

Cardiff is a Capital City which has huge potential to grow in the next 10 years and we are keen to explore ideas with other founders.

Tickets are available on this link.

Covering topics spanning the machine learning, fuzzy systems, classification systems and voice recognition with natural language processing, with input from innovative startups, thought leaders and design-led businesses. (Part-text credit to Warren Fauvel).

The South Wales Technology Council is presenting its first AI event to meet and network with great speakers to talk about Artificial Intelligence, where the opportunities are and how companies can gain new business, insights and development.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn, present, offer and discuss upcoming development opportunities. The event is on the 26th, September 2017 at Milk and Sugar One Central Square.

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