Party Time Summer in Cardiff at Startup Grind Events

Everyone welcome to attend our parties

Parties that include Fireside Chats for everyone to experience and try our events for FREE

All attendees at our events enjoy attending, and are popular by demand. We having great guest speakers over the summer, all with different stories to inspire, educate and offer business opportunities.

Our first speaker on the 13th July 6-9pm, is Rachel Bowes that Elio Assuncao will host, Tickets here

Rachel Bowes
Rachel Bowes

Rachel, in 2012 after falling into personal difficulties and joined a kickboxing gym. Having grown up with sport, knew the benefits it could bring. Later that year Rachel moved back to my home town in Wales and continued training at a local boxing gym.

In October 2013 Rachel thought of the idea of a boxing magazine and in December 2013 Bocsio Magazine was launched.

The magazine quarterly soon became a bi monthly issue, growing organically and each issue feeding back from the last in terms of improvement. Hitting issue 6 it was introduced a mixed martial arts section and glossy front cover.

Whilst on the circuit Rachel met Enzo Calzaghe. We quickly grew a strong business relationship and by issue 8 Enzo had become our permanent columnist. We saw this as a positive move forward for the business, Enzo having created 4 world champion boxers including son Joe Calzaghe.

Soon became recognised by high quality like minded brands such as Adidas, Welsh Amateur Boxing Association and may more wanting to build working relationships with us.

On the 10th August, we continue the summer parties, where we are hosting Assil Skaily. 

Assil Skaily
Assil Skaily

Coming from a Lebanese background, Assil Skaiky spent her childhood in Lebanon before coming to the UK at the age of 11. She later moved to Wales then England to pursue a degree in Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Portsmouth. Shortly after graduating Assil embarked on her mission to embrace Textiles & colour. Her work reflects her background, the freedom she enjoys set against the colours, shapes and textures of Nature.

Tickets here

Mark-making coming from nature is what the collection is all about. Assil’s sense of colour, pattern and her fearless approach to design lead to creating unique pieces. Each print has a story for the independent, young and sexy woman.

​Assil’s collection is based on original hand drawings coming from Nature. Mixing drawings, mark making and digital prints drawing inspiration from the colours and shapes of nature.

She said “ when I wear silks I feel confident and elegant, silk also has a luxury, sensual touch and I want my customers to have that all over feel alive factory” Wanting to create a Luxury brand, Assil’s aim is to create an item that can be passed down generations hoping it becomes an item of sentiment.

We then end the Summer party season on the 10th September where we host the Startup Queen, Jessica Elliott.

Jessica Elliott
Jessica Elliott

Her dedicated work ethic and desire to make a social contribution, have lead to a mantel full of awards ranging from the Natwest Everywoman award in 2010, to the Spirit of London Community Business Entrepreneur the same year.

Tickets here

Jessica’s social impact is unquestionable. Last year His Royal Highness Prince Andrew visited the J’s Dance Factory office (which she won rent free after winning the London Metropolitan University Business plan competition in 2009) to discuss the importance of support for young entrepreneurs in the UK, and commend the young entrepreneur on her company’s fast growth.

This year she was invited to St James Palace to present an award ceremony alongside the Prince. Raised in Lewisham in London by a mother who put aside a successful career working for Barings bank in the city to devote herself to caring for children, her own and others, Jessica was inspired by seeing her mother take pride in raising confident children with strong self esteem, to follow a similar path; “ Growing up it was just me and my mum and she has always made me believe that I can achieve anything I want to! She has taught me that to be happy is the most important thing in life so your work should be something you enjoy. At times things were tough but seeing her determination to push through hard times and seeing how far we have come in truly inspiring.

With demand for classes widespread and existing classes near capacity, the launch of J’s Dance Factory Franchise was an organic evolution for the brand. Equally the off-shoot J’s Dance Factory talent agency, Jessica Elliott Management for 5-17 year olds, has already seen Jessica’s students secure high profile roles in The Lion King, Matilda and work with Apple, The Disney Channel and the BBC to name a few. For brands, JE Management represents an agency brimming with un-media trained ethnically diverse and talented children whose USP is their genuine love of performing. She has also choreographed for the likes of Stella Mc Cartney and Dreamworks latest animation The Trolls Movie.

Jessica is being heralded as one of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurial talents and in the coming year is featured on the Power featuring the most influential talents in the UK of African and Caribbean origin. Recognised my former Prime Minister David Cameron as a shining example for others. A glistening role model for the next generation of how a recession or our economy need not determine your future, Jessica’s success is empowering for us all. Aside from heading up J’s Dance Factory and the agency, Jessica also supports women who want to start businesses, Known online as The Start up Queen she has presented a start up business series featuring famous entrepreneurs for The Independent, blogged for The Times on Young Entrepreneurship and is now working on her first book. As one of the many awards that adorn her mantel exclaims, Jessica Elliott is absolutely one of “London’s top 10 young people.

Startup Grind Cardiff
Startup Grind Cardiff

As always our event local partners are Venture Capital World Summit Ltd and YODspica Ltd.


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