Cardiff Open Coffee 13th October 2016 Networking Event

Inspiring Event

Hero Business Club presents

On 13th October 2016 10am-12pm at Artigiano Cardiff , tickets here

Our keynote speaker is John Price

John Price Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club
John Price Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club
John will present ‘The State of PR’ from his wealth of expertise and having clients at heart.  ‪#‎CardiffOpenCoffee.

John is a fully qualified PR at Chartered Institute of Public Relations (MCIPR) and Life Coaching at the National Council of Psychotherapists (MNCP)!.

The PR industry is currently going through a transition. As media options expand digitally and the future of print continuously in question, the way businesses and individuals publicly showcase themselves has changed rapidly. The social media revolution has given the impression that ‘we are all famous’, but how do you express yourselves, maintain the reputation you truly want and relate to your target audience, all at the same time?

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John focus on the client, honestly analyse what works for the public and what could be done in order to get that desired recognition.

In addition to external communications, John focus on the internal atmosphere in equal measure. My approach is reputation over result. With over four million SMEs in the UK, all wanting a voice, every story must be told in a unique and eye-grabbing style. With his track record, John can get your business heading to the right direction.

Our Hero Business Club Members range from Entrepreneurs, Artists, Business Mentors, and People Looking for New Career Opportunities. At our events everyone is very friendly, approachable and they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club
Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club

Inspiring Events Promoting Education, Networking and Motivational Speakers With a Purpose.

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Agenda is as follows:

  • 10.00am hrs – 10.20am hrs – Welcome and Networking
  • 10.25am – 10.35am hrs – Introductions
  • 10.35am – 11.00am hrs – Keynote Speaker
  • 11.05am – 11.35am hrs – Floor Networking
  • 11.35am – until last man standing – Free Pastries

Our previous event speaker videos from 22nd September 2016 and 8th September 2016 can be watched below:

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