Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club 3rd Feb 2015 6-9pm

Hero Business Club Presents Cardiff Open Coffee with Amazing Speaker and Art Exhibition

Honoured to Announce Inspiring Speaker Georgina Jones and Christopher Langley on 3rd February 2015 6-9pm @TigerCardiff

Registrations Here Cardiff Open Coffee by Hero Business Club

Georgina Jones Cardiff Business NetworkGeorgina Jones is the Chairperson of the Young IOD for Swansea and South West at Institute of Directors.  She has been inspired to ignite a spark people in her life, From singing on stage, to running teams, coaching or spending five minutes brightening up a strangers day She loves turning people’s lights on.

TLO stands for Turn Lights On. Why? Because She is passionate about the power of people and human connection and she is concerned that we are losing it in our lives and our businesses. It’s my mission to change that by creating a business, a movement, a happening of people that inspires, supports and empowers individuals to understand what their light is and how they can turn others’ lights on.

Below are some of the projects She is involved in:

1. Director of TLO – Turn Lights On, a practice that she created that inspires, enables and supports people to understand what their light is and to turn other lights on.
2. A proud part of the Big Ideas Wales a wonderful project to inspire the next generation of Wales to become entrepreneurial.
3. Lecturer for Learning for Life at Cardiff University focusing on Confidence and presentation skills courses.
4. Board Member of Timecentres UK.
5. NKD consultant working with DHL on their International Management leadership project.
6. Friend and supporter of Llamau a wonderful Welsh charity that supports young people and women.
7. Chair of The Young IoD for Swansea and West Wales.

Her working life is full and very rewarding, She works internationally and only commit to projects that echo her values and beliefs.

Art Exhibition with Chris Langley

Chris Langley Cardiff Business NetworkChristopher Langley works with lens & digital media to traditional paint on canvas. He uses natural and synthetic images, abstracting meaning to create conceptual ideas. After five solo exhibitions since launch in 2012, he is currently preparing his sixth solo exhibition; a Welsh National show. Langley’s work has been displayed and collected all over the UK, from Scotland to London, Manchester to Cardiff.

In addition, his works recognised internationally. Companies in Germany to individuals in Canada to Greece collecting his works. In 2014 he gave a talk and displayed work as part of an international exhibition in one of New York’s premier galleries.

With the Cardiff Open Coffee by the Hero Business Club we can help you gain the edge in your industry, provide new ideas, thrash out strategies, examine new opportunities and much more.

Registrations available here.

Cardiff Open Coffee is a FREE inclusive Business Networking for Club Members (£46 – 12 month membership) where everyone is welcome.  Our Members range from Entrepreneurs, Decision Makers, Writers, Journalists, Artists, Business Mentors, Talented People Looking for New Career Opportunities and Graduates. At our events everyone is very friendly, approachable and they enjoy meeting people from all walks of life.

An Evening of Education, Networking and Motivational Speakers With a Purpose.

The hashtag for events is: #CardiffOpenCoffee

The agenda for the 3rd February 2015 6-9pm is as follows:

  • 6.00 pm Art Exhibition, table display.
  • 6.30 pm Speed Networking.
  • 6.50 pm Members Introduction, may be video recorded.
  • 7.00 pm Business Club News.
  • 7.05 pm Keynote Speaker.
  • 7.55 pm Open Floor Networking.
  • 9.00 Close.

All the video testimonials are available here. And all the photos from past events are available here.

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