Upcoming Cardiff Open Coffee Business Network

Upcoming Cardiff Open Coffee on 4th November 2014 6-9pm at Tiger Tiger Cardiff

Elio Assuncao at Cardiff Business NetworkWe are proud to announce the speaker is Wilma Allan – The Money Midwife Register Here Now.

Amazing talk:“How To Create A Positively Powerful Money Mind-set – So You Can Confidently Earn What You’re Worth And Sleep Soundly At Night”.

Your attitude to money and your money mind-set dictate the way that all money comes to you, how much you receive, how often and how good you feel about it.  In this action packed and fascinating presentation you will learn:

  • Why you’re struggling to earn what you deserve
  • The unconscious block stopping you from earning more – when you remove this money will flow
  • Exactly when to change your attitude to money so that you feel good about increasing your income
  • How you can take simple bite-sized steps to significantly change your money mind-set and increase the amount of money you earn.

Wilma is the founder of The Money Midwife – a transformational coaching company working with women business owners who are spiritually open and ambitious and who are frustrated that they are not significantly increasing their income.Her 5 step program transforms a client’s money mind-set from ‘doubt’, ‘fear’ or ‘lack’ to one of confidence, possibility and feeling good about earning more.

The agenda for the 4th November 2014 6-9pm is as follows:

6.00 pm Welcome Reception, table display.

6.30 pm Speed Networking.

7.00 pm Members Introduction, may be video recorded.

7.10 pm Warm up talk by Anthony Tinsley.

7.15 pm Keynote Speaker Wilma Allan.

7.55 pm Business Club News.

8.05 pm Open Floor Networking.

9.00 Close.

All the video testimonials are available here. And all the photos from past events are available here.

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