Great Speakers Venture Capital World Summit 2014

It is a pleasure to announce that we now have the honour to welcome two more speakers to the Venture Capital World Summit 2014 event on the 17th October.

The newest additions to the summit are: Mr Mustafa Eserdag and Mr Tony Bennett.

Mustafa EserdagMustafa Eserdag

International Entrepreneur and Business Developer, which represents and deals with leading construction and energy companies.

Excellent contribution of Mustafa is the support of multi-national companies at macro and micro operations at energy and construction sectors in many markets, an excellent speaker for the Venture Capital World Summit 2014.

Mustafa and his colleagues are on focused establishing international Joint Ventures always looking for partners in the construction and oil and gas sector.

Mustafa can speak Turkish, Farsi, Deri, and few languages that are used at middle east and central Asian countries. And also representing unique giant companies at Middle East that has an international references.

Tony Bennett Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett Psychotherapist and Entrepreneur offers more than information it offers the opportunity to take charge of your mind and body, to finally take control, to respond to challenges rather than react.

Tony reveals the “The Science of Achieving Peak Performance” to effectively manage ourselves, to perform at our personal best, all day, every day, to take control of, at last, realising our intentions and to release the achiever in ourselves. Another great speaker not to be missed at the Venture Capital World Summit 2014.

The event is not to be missed, purchase now tickets it is a tremendous return on investment.

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