Venture Capital World Summit 2014

Venture Capital World SummitI am looking forward that on the 16-17th October 2014, the Cardiff City Stadium Corporate Lounge will open its doors and welcome 500 delegates on each day with enthusiastic business leaders, well regarded academics and people looking for more business opportunities at various stages of their businesses and ventures at the Venture Capital World Summit.

The main focus of the event is to help grow existing businesses and at the same time, raise awareness of important issues that most businesses need to consider including inspiration and new innovative ideas including upcoming markets or niches. Furthermore business funding and new finance opportunities including crowd-funding.

At the event a range of subjects will be addressed and promoted including Funding, Asset Management, Businesses for Sale, Mergers and Acquisitions, Inspiration and Personal Development.

It is expected that speakers to be compelling with their talks, however not being a sales oriented talk rather an informative insight for business development and sustainability. The way currently being planned is for speakers to talk for up to 40 minutes initially, then join the discussion panel for an engaging interactive session with the audience with Q&A, thus sharing ideas as well as giving expert opinions from their life and work experiences. It is anticipated that media will also be present.

The expected profile of attendees are business owners, influential academics, people looking for more business opportunities including around the world, a selection of embassies representatives, and investment groups.

We currently also have opportunities for sponsorship.

Delegates will be treated to over 20 inspiring vast experienced business speakers from around the world. Including many opportunities for interactivity and participation in promotions and insights.

Venture Capital World Summit
Venture Capital World Summit

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