Welcome to Elio Assuncao Official

Elio Assuncao is a Reputable Entrepreneur with High Integrity, Making Things Happen Everyday to Benefit Everyone.

Venture Capital World Summit Founder
CEO at Wales Connects International Ltd
Founder and Owner of YODspica Ltd
Twelve years work experience in management including voluntary work
Ability to direct complex ideas from concept to fully operational solutions
Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities
Organised, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver
Proven ability to work in unison with a wide variety of people


“Elio, is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, his attention to detail, in the pursuit of Growth is incredible, he is an asset, He generates success on every project that he has had a part in”

Nic Cunningham, Industrial Psychologist

“Elio Assuncao is both helpful and full of ideas and very trustworthy and gets the work done.”

Hazel J Hill, Wales Global

“I have known Elio for a couple of years now, I first met Elio giving a presentation about social media at a local networking event. I have kept in touch with him ever since. I have found Elio to be an honest hard working individual, who is always there to support local businesses. When it comes to business ideas Elio excels with creating new an innovative new business opportunities.”

Martin Biginelli, Coaching Four Success

“Elio, is clearly technically competent working with a whole range of technologies, especially those that are web based. He has particularly interest in the use of social networking and web2.0 technologies and their application to business performance.”

Richard Masters, Masters Associates

“Elio is a highly knowlegable individual who is organised and works at the cutting edge of technology in his field. He is motivated, personable and extremely professional. I cannot recommend Elio highly enough.”

Amanda Charteris, Gift Wrapped And Gorgeous

“Elio is one of the most informed people in the field of social media and networking that I know. I continually look for Elio to source new platforms in the online community, that will enhance and create new opportunities for SMEs to increase their profile’s in an ever expanding and demanding web 2.0.”

Allan B Beaton,  Reputation Management

• Managed over 100 volunteers into goal-oriented, cohesive group during undergraduate student societies and sports activities during University study.

• From a £5 million budget, have been able to provide ideas for improvement.

• Managed Effectively my Research Project that Culminated in a Written Expert Thesis.

• Applied for Grants, Secured Funding from the European Social Fund, for post-graduate scientific research.

• Advised students on defining career and work related goals and objectives.
• Formulated, wrote and implemented own scientific research delineations

• Approved and developed policies and strategies together with senior management for staff of 116 employees.

• Trained, supervised and evaluated students and coached management skills.