About Elio

Elio Assuncao, YODspica Ltd CEO

Elio Assuncao, YODspica Ltd CEO

About Elio Assuncao

• CoFounder Wales Connects International Ltd.
• Founder and Owner of YODspica Ltd.
• Seven years work experience in management including voluntary work.
• Ability to direct complex ideas from concept to fully operational solutions.
• Goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities.
• Organised, highly motivated, and detail-directed problem solver.
• Proven ability to work in unison with a wide variety of people.


Programme Study MPhil/PhD, University of Glamorgan 1999-2002
M.Sc. Electronic Product Engineering, University of Glamorgan – 1998
B.Sc. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Glamorgan 1997

Board Member

• Successfully established positive tenant input into Association’s decision making.
• From a £5 million budget, have been able to provide ideas for improvement.

Higher Education

• Managed Effectively my Research Project that Culminated in a Written Expert Thesis.
• Applied for Grants, Secured Funding from the European Social Fund.
• Counselled students on defining career and work related goals and objectives.
• Formulated, wrote and implemented own scientific research delineations.

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